Hirshabelle: Al-Shabaab attacks troops in a suicide attack

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More details are emerging from an attack that began with explosions this morning by Al-Shabaab on a base of the government and local forces in the area of ​​Hawadley in the Middle Shabelle region.

A local source told MTVSomali.com that up to three explosions were used and a car filled with explosives by Al-Shabaab.

Reports say that after the attack, there was a face-to-face fight between the members of Al Shabab and the troops in the base that was attacked.

Various losses including death and injuries were caused by this attack, and now a tense situation is felt in the outskirts of Balcad district.

The officers who were reported to have died in the explosions include the Commander of the 3rd Battalion, 27th Division of the Somali Military, Colonel Abshir Mohamud Mohamed (Shataqey) who was in charge of the station and other soldiers who were in the camp.

On the other hand, a news from the Al-Shabaab group said that their attacking forces entered the base and captured weapons and vehicles which we have been unable to verify.

Hawadley, one of the last areas to be taken over by government and local forces, is 20 km away from Balcad district in Middle Shabelle.

This attack comes as Al-Shabaab has now mostly been driven out of this region under HirShabelle, including the areas captured in the districts of Aden Yabal, Ruun-nirgood and other areas that were controlled by the group.

However, it was just yesterday when Al-Shabaab used a vehicle to attack Halgan in Hiran region, resulting in deaths, injuries and damage.

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