HirShabelle Electoral Commission issues statement on alleged dispute

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Board elections in HirShabelle has denied that there is a strong conflict between the members of the board, after a social media disseminated reports that differences between them has arisen.

They said the commission was functioning as normal, that there was no ambiguity, and that the reports were in violation of the election agreement reached in Mogadishu.

“The Board and the board elections of the HirShabelle show that this is not based on evidence and misleads the public who are in waiting for the implementation of election officials agreed,” said a statement from the Commission.

He also said the commission does not have secretaries and sub-committees, but will be formed soon.

“The committee declares that so far it has only one chairman and one deputy chairman, the rest as the secretariat and sub-committees will be formed as soon as possible.”

“We urge the media and all media outlets to report responsibly to the public, and to avoid anything that could jeopardize the forthcoming elections,” the statement said.

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