HirShabelle Electoral Commission issues statement on complaints

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The Hirshabelle regional election commission has responded to complaints from some of the candidates running for the upper house of parliament in Hirshabelle.

A statement from the commission said there was nothing in the complaint lodged by some of the candidates for the UH 07 seat, which was related to a breach of a provision in the election process.

The committee called on the candidates, some of whom have left Jowhar, to return to their constituencies and participate in the upcoming elections.

The commission also pointed out that the seat from which this complaint was lodged will be postponed to Sunday, so that the candidates would have a chance to return to their constituencies.

Candidates who filed the complaint said that the election of this seat was directly interfered with by Hirshabelle’s second deputy speaker, pointing out that a particular individual was wanted for the seat.

Meanwhile, the election of three of the seats in the Upper House representing Hirshabelle is set to take place today in Jowhar District as four seats have already been elected.

The candidates running today are:

1- Ali Shabaan Ibrahim,
2. C / Qadir Hanafi Sheekth Bashir,
3. Abdullahi Ahmed Tawaad,
4. Asha Hussein Abukar,

5. Abdalle Abdi Hussein

The second seat is contested by the following candidates;

1- Mohamed Sheikh Osman,
2-Mohamed-Amin Sheikh Daud.
3- Ahmed Mohamed Ali
4-Yusuf Ma’alin Hassan 

The third seat is to be contested by;

1-Naima Ibrahim Yusuf.
2-Zamzam Abdullahi Hussein.
3-Mohamed Ma’alim Hassan Kulmiye.
4- Abukar Hassan Ali Maqaney.


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