Hirshabelle; Explosion near Beledweyne police station

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Reports from Hirshabelle State say that a blast took place inside a restaurant near a police station in Beledweyne, the regional capital of Hiran region in Hirshabelle State.

The blast resulted in casualties and injuries to officials from the HirShabelle regional administration.

Some reports say it was a landmine planted near a Police Station, although it has not yet been officially confirmed.

Two people have been confirmed dead, the mayor of Feer-Feer district Khalif Mumin Garaad and a woman who owned a restaurant.

Ferfer District Commissioner Mahad Mohamed Hassan, Beledweyne District Police Commander Mohamed Mohamud Qorshe and other officers were confirmed injured in the blast.

Security forces sealed off the area and launched an investigation to determine how the landmine was planted in a secure area that is heavily guarded by security forces.

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