Hirshabelle releases list of candidates for the Upper House

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HirShabelle President Ali Gudlawe has released a list of candidates for HirShabelle’s eight seats in Somalia’s Upper House.

The list of candidates released by Ali Gudlawe shows that it is an open list that will be contested by prominent politicians in Somali politics, and with the most hotly contested seat being that of Senator Haji Muse Sudi Yalahow.

Senator Muse Sudi Yalahow’s seat will be contested by 4 other candidates which include:

1- Musa Sudi Yalaxow
2- Abdullahi Sheikh Hassan
3- Ahmed Hassan Addo
4- Haji Muhyadin Hassan Afrah
5- Dr. Hassan Aday Ali

Also, the seat currently occupied by Dr. Osman Dufle is expected to face stiff competition, with Somali Ambassador to Kenya Mohamud Ahmed Nur Tarsan among the candidates.

Most of the seats in the HirShabelle Upper House will be contested by 4 to 6 candidates, and with State President Ali Gudlawe becoming the only president to allow the candidates to compete fairly.

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