Hirshabelle’s Ali Gudlawe convinced to attend conference in Mogadishu

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The president of HirShabelle state, Ali Abdullahi Hussein (Gudlawe) has finally been persuaded to attend the national consultative meeting in Mogadishu, according to a tweet sent by the office of the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Roble, who telephoned State President Ali Gudlawe in Turkey, first apologized for the concerns raised by Gudlaawe about the conference opening in Mogadishu.

“Mohamed Hussein Roble who spoke by telephone with the president of Hirshabelle region Mr. Ali Abdullahi Hussein (Gudlawe) apologized for his concern about attending the National Consultative Assembly meeting.”

A statement from the prime minister’s office said that HirShabelle’s president will be attending the conference via ZOOM, as he was out of the country and in Turkey.

“President Ali Gudlawe will attend today’s conference via ZOOM,” Roble said in a statement.

According to sources close to the State President, Hirshabelle’s Gudlawe complained that he had been treated disrespectfully and that his political status was being undermined, which angered him, as he did not attend last week’s Zoom line meeting between Prime Minister Roble and regional leaders as MTVSomali.com had reported.

The national consultative council meeting between the prime minister, the governor of Benadir region and regional administration leaders will focus on accelerating the electoral process and implementing the previous agreement.

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