Historic Local council elections in Puntland set to begin

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The first local council elections have started this morning in three districts of Puntland, which have been under intense preparation in recent days.

The elections are taking place in three districts, Qardho, Eyl and Ufayn, in Nugal, Karkar and Bari regions, and are being contested by political parties in Puntland.

Elections in the three districts of Qardho, Eyl and Ufeyn are contested by 8 political parties, with 54 polling stations, 37,578 ballot papers, 449 candidates and candidates, and 87 districts are scheduled to be elected.

Qardho: 33 seats, Eyl 27 seats and Ufeyn: 27 seats.

Security has been tightened in the districts where the elections will take place, and the Electoral Commission has ordered that telephones be excluded from voters, and traffic has been suspended.

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