Hotel Hayat attack the longest seize by Al-Shabaab

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The attack by the Al-Shabaab group on the Hayat hotel in Mogadishu has become the longest attack in the history of the group to occupy a hotel or other facility.

The attack that started last night at around 7 pm has now passed for 24 hours, and the fighters of this group have not yet been removed from the hotel located near the KM4 junction in Mogadishu.

It is still unanswered how several fighters of this group were able to resist hundreds of government forces for more than 24 hours.

The failure of this led to the removal of the pro government Alpha Group forces from the hotel, who were fighting Al Shabab there until last night, and were replaced by the Haram’ad police forces.

A large number of Haram’ad forces led by Banadir Police chief Farhan Qa’roole entered the hotel, and there is now a heavy exchange of fire between the Haram’ad forces and Al-Shabaab, but Al-Shabaab has not yet been removed from the hotel.

The attack resulted in death and injuries to the residents of the hotel and others who were near the hotel. It has been confirmed that 25 people were killed in the attack while more than 30 were injured.

Some reports said that the attack that ended for a long time was due to the attackers who entered the hotel with a lot of weapons and mines, which they placed inside the hotel.

Some of the mines were filled with oil bottles and placed inside the hotel, according to security sources.


UPDATE: Hotel Hayat attack in Mogadishu


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