Hundreds of people gathered for the funeral of Imam Mohamed Hassan Adam

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Dr. Mohamed Hassan Adam meant so much to so many. He was an Imam, which is a Muslim faith leader.

Members in the Somali and Muslim communities laid to rest a spiritual leader on Thursday.

Dr. Mohamed Hassan Adam meant so much to so many. He was an Imam, which is a Muslim faith leader.

“Imam Hassan Adam will forever be honored and celebrated in this community,” said one man who spoke.

The funeral was held at the Janazah at Ibnu Taymiyah Masjid. Hundreds of people packed the mosque and overflowed into the parking lot.

But it was only a fraction of the number of lives Dr. Adam touched throughout his life.

“I think one of the most important things that is hurting us…is the void that he’s going to be leaving,” said Dr. Marwan Mohammed, a close friend of Dr. Adam and founder of the organization Ask a Muslim.

He described Dr. Adam’s service as the biggest he’s seen.

“That shows the effect that this individual had in the community, and he had this effect on multiple levels,” he said.

Dr. Mohammed and Dr. Adam have been friends for the last 20 years. Together, they helped open a food pantry together feeding thousands of people.

Dr. Adam’s life tragically ended on Christmas Eve. A missing person’s report was filed last Thursday after he hadn’t been seen since Wednesday. The report said he didn’t show up to pick up his child from daycare. His body was found dead inside a van on Christmas Eve.

“There’s a lot of why’s but at the end of the day we have to surrender ourselves to the will of God,” he said, “If we don’t find any closure to the case of Imam Hassan Adam I don’t believe as an individual and as a community leader, no one is safe.”

They plan on fighting for justice this Friday. Many are planning to meet at First Congregational Church in downtown Columbus to march down to City Hall. There, they’ll be fighting for justice and a speedy arrest in this case.

“People loved him from the bottom of their hearts, and today we have witnessed that,” said Dr. Mohammed.


Body of missing Somali Imam in Columbus, Ohio found inside vehicle in wooded area

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