Hyderabad: Doctors at Yashoda Hospitals save life of five-year-old Somali girl with rare kidney cancer

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A five-year-old girl from Somalia who was suffering from Wilms tumour, a very rare type of kidney cancer, was treated successfully by a team of Oncologists at Yashoda Hospitals here in Hyderabad.

When the five-year-old Faduma was was brought to Yashoda Hospitals, her abdomen was fully bloated with a mass of around 30x30x30 cm. She was weak and needed immediate medical attention. The team of doctors made sure that the tumour, weighing about 5 kilos was successfully removed in a complicated 8-hour-long surgery.

Dr. Sachin Marda, Senior Surgical Oncologist and Robotic Surgeon said, “Faduma was brought in at the right time for diagnosis. It was important for the patient to quickly undergo chemotherapy followed by an operation. It was a very challenging case to remove the entire tumor with multivisceral resection and at the same time preserving important structures in the abdomen, especially for a five-year-old pediatric patient.”

Expressing heartfelt gratitude, the patient’s family shared that their daughter was given the best care by the medical team. “The hospital staff, rehabilitation, support and guidance provided to my family has been very helpful,” they said. The young patient recovered completely and was discharged from the hospital on November 24. Post-operation, complete rehabilitative care was also given to the patient, helping the child to recover from the major operation.

The multidisciplinary team of doctors at Yashoda Hospital, Somajiguda, led by Dr. Sachin Marda (Surgical oncologist), Dr. Nikhil G Patil (Sr Medical Oncologist), Dr. Prashanth Reddy (HOD Anesthesia), Dr. Suresh (Sr Pediatrician) worked on the case.

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