Ilyas Beddel Gaboose wins first seat in Upper House election

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The parliamentarians of the Jubbaland state of Somalia have elected the first senator to be a member of the 11th federal parliament in Kismayo.

This anticipated election is being contested by up to nine candidates, one of whom is a woman, who are vying for four of Jubbaland’s eight senators in the Upper House of the Federal Parliament of Somalia.

The first seat was contested by Iyas Gabboose and Mohamed Ahmed Sayid, while Sharmake Mohamed Abdi, one of the previously announced candidates, did not run in the election in Kismayo.

Jubbaland House of Representatives Speaker Abdi Mohamed Abdirahman announced that candidate Mohamed Ahmed Sayid received 17 votes, while Iyaas Bedal Gabboose received 55 votes, making him the first senator to be elected to the Upper House.

Ilyas Bedal Gabboose is a former chairman of the Lower Jubba regional administration of the Jubbaland state of Somalia.

The election for the other three seats will also take place today in Kismayo, the capital of the Lower Jubba region.

The election attendee’s include the Federal Electoral Implementation Commission as well as the country’s 2021 Electoral Dispute Resolution Committee.

Jubbaland will be the first regional administration to begin elections with the selection of new senators for the Somali Upper House of Parliament.

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