India: Somali government initiates plan to release held national migrants

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lThe Deputy Ambassador of the Somali Embassy in India, Mr. Abdifatah Abdullahi Noor, has been paying his duties in the city of Hyderabad in India.

After a general operation by the Indian Police Force and arresting illegals immigrants in the country, many foreigners and Somali citizens who did not have any legal status were arrested.

In order to observe the conditions of the arrested Somali nationals, the deputy ambassador went to the city of Hyderabad, traveling from the capital city of New Delhi, where the Somali Embassy is located.

He held various meetings with the security agencies, especially the police, and succeeded in releasing Somali citizens from prison, and also succeeded in getting others who had their passports taken by the police returned to the hands of Somali embassy.

The Indian police sent a message to all foriegners, especially those who do not have the right legal status, to file their registration as soon as possible whether if they want to stay or leave the country so that they do not face any further problems.

Somali citizens in Hyderabad are among the many international travellers who are in India for medical reasons or are studying.

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