Intense search for ‘missing’ Somali man

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The search for the 23-year-old Somali man, who was detected with Omicron and then found ‘missing’, started on Tuesday midnight.

Health officials and policemen checked corporate hospital registers, spoke to colony association members in Tolichowki, and pursued every possible lead to trace him.

Sources said that the foreign national did not know of his test results until he was informed by government teams. He came to the city on medical tourism.

As the night progressed, an ‘eerie deja vu’ unfolded. Health staff and police personnel did put in similar efforts to trace the infected when coronavirus started to spread in the State in March 2020.

After an intense search, they came to know that the man was the attendant of a patient. “This changed the course of our search. We started to look for the patient to trace the attendant,” a source said.

The person who helped the Somali man and his family member in medical tourism was also contacted to know the names of hospitals they visited. “He went to two corporate hospitals,” he said.

On Wednesday afternoon, police announced that the ‘missing’ COVID patient was found at Paramount Colony in Banjara Hills. The DPH said that he was immediately shifted to TIMS. But, the task did not end there.

Now, Health teams are trying to find his close contacts.

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