International community issues statement on Somalia’s presidential and bicameral elections

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Somalia’s international partners have issued a statement calling for the completion of parliamentary elections and the holding of free and fair elections for both houses of parliament and the presidency.

“International partners urge Somali leaders to announce preparations for the Hangar and pledge their commitment to respect Somalia’s constitutional provisions regarding a fair and impartial process to elect the Speakers of the two Houses of parliament and the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia,” said a statement from members of the international community.

“We strongly urge all Somali stakeholders to resolve any obstacles to completion of the process in the remaining voting sites through dialogue and on a consensus basis, so as to rapidly and credibly conclude the elections” the statement added.

Members of the international community also demanded that efforts be redoubled to achieve the 30 per cent quota for women in parliament.

The quota for women is unlikely to reach 30% this year, with a majority of MPs already elected.

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