Jubbaland administration completes Upper House elections

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In the port city of Kismayo, elections for the remaining upper seats were concluded with the state now on course to begin the lower house process.

Eight candidates were vying for the seats today, with Jubbaland lawmakers first listening to their speeches, with each one demanding that they be given the vote.

The first seat was contested by Hassan Dahir Yarow and Abdi Hussein Ali, and the seat in the Upper House was won by Senator Hassan Dahir Yarow, with 59 votes.

Ibrahim Awgaab Osman and Farhiya Maalim Abdi competed for the second seat in the Upper House, and Ibrahim Awgaab Osman winning the seat with 57 votes.

The third seat in today’s Upper House election was contested by Leyla Nur Maax and Haredo Mohamed, and the seat was won by Leyla Nur Maax who received 63 votes while Haredo Mohamed who was competing received 9 votes.

The last seat in the Jubbaland Upper House election was contested by Maryan Farah Kadiye and Samsam Mohamed Bishar, and the Upper House seat was won by Maryan Farah Kadiye with 50 votes.

The Jubbaland administration has become the fourth administration to conclude the Upper House elections, and the Galmudug Administration is expected to soon select the two remaining seats in the Upper House to begin the process of electing members of the Upper House of Parliament.

Sources within the President of the Jubbaland State of Somalia, Ahmed Mohamed Islam (Ahmed Madobe) told MTVSomali.com that the state president had received at the Guest House the newly elected members of the Upper House of Parliament.

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