Jubbaland President appoints members to electoral commissions

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The President of the Jubbaland State has appointed members to the Federal and State Electoral Commissions.

President Ahmed Mohamed Islam Ahmed Madobe submitted the names of appointees at the federal and state levels on Tuesday to Somalia’s prime minister.

The President of Jubbaland has nominated eight members to the state electoral commission.

The members are: Siyad Mohamed Mursal, Abdiqadir Mohamud Dhaqane (Jaylani), Ahmed Abdi Nur, Samsam Farah Abukar, Mohamed Osman Gaab, Ibrahim Adan Ibrahim, Ahmed Yusuf Mohamed and Abdukar Nur Abdi.

State president of Jubbaland Ahmed Madobe also appointed Hawo Haji Mohamed Malindi and Abdi Hiis Udant tothe Federal Electoral Commission.

Warfa Mohamed Jama and Ahmed Yusuf Mohamud were appointed to the Dispute Resolution Committee.

State president Ahmed Madobe is the first regional leader to submit his appointees to PM Roble.

The remaining Federal Member States (FMS) leaders are expected to follow suit and present their list of electoral commissioners in the coming days.

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