Jubbaland State Electoral Committee registers candidates for the Upper House

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The Jubbaland State Electoral Implementation Committee has begun registering applications for members of the Somali Upper House, particularly in the Jubbaland region.

The commission completed the first phase of registration of candidates this afternoon, and with some of the candidates for the upper house awarded certificates of candidacy.

Candidate Ilyas Badal Gaboose, who is running for a seat in the country’s upper house, has become the first candidate to register, receiving a certificate of candidacy.

The commission has awarded certificates to six candidates in total; Ilyas Badal Gaboose, Abdullahi Sheikh Ismail Fartag, Iftin Hassan Basto, Abdirizak Mohamed Osman, Halimo Jama Mohamed and Mohamed Ahmed Sayid.

Meanwhile, the Jubbaland Indirect Election Implementation Committee (FIEIC) has jointly inspected the venue set for tomorrow’s Upper House elections, and overall security has been handed over to the Jubbaland State Police and AMISOM Police Force.

Jubbaland is the first administration to hold upper house elections, with some the other administrations having yet to appoint upper house election commissions.

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