Jubbaland states concludes day one of upper house elections in Somalia

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The election of Somalia’s upper house of parliament has officially started in Kismayo today, which was attended by the Electoral Implementation Committee.

Today’s election saw four senators elected with nine members contesting.

The first seat was contested by Iyas Gabboose and Mohamed Ahmed Sayid, while Sharmake Mohamed Abdi, one of the previously announced candidates, did not run in the Kismayo election.

Mohamed Ahmed Sayid received 17 votes, while Iyaas Bedal Gabboose received 55 votes, making him the first senator to be elected to the Upper House.

The second seat was contested by Abdullahi Sheikh Ismail ‘Fartag’ and Ahmed Mohamed Jama, who dropped out of the race after losing by 71 members, making Abdullahi Sheikh Ismail Fartag the second senator to be elected for office.

The third seat was contested by Halimo Jama Mohamed and Abdirizak Mohamed Osman, with Abdirizak Mohamed Osman winning 59 votes and Halimo Jama Mohamed receiving 12 votes.

The fourth seat would also be contested by Ibrahim Yaqub and Iftin Hassan Iman Basto, but Ibrahim Yaqub withdrew and was won by Iftin Hassan Iman Basto by a show of hands for the fourth senatorial seat.

The surprising factor of todays election in Jubbaland was the amount of candidates who withdrew from contesting before and mid way through the elections. 

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