Jubbaland announces 16-seat election schedule in Gedo

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The Jubaland Electoral Committee has released the schedule for the 16-seat elections in Elwak town hours after it was announced that the seats in Garbaharey have been transferred to the town.

“Jubbaland State Election Implementation Team (SEIT) in reference to the letter issued by the Federal Election Implementation Team  (FEIT) dated 13/04/2022, that had designated the 2nd polling station in Jubbaland, the SEIT Jubbaland Committee hereby announces the schedule for the 16-seat elections in Elwaq District, Gedo Region,” the committee said in a statement.

Elections will be held between April 18th and 27th, with the first seat, HOP 079, set for election on Monday, April 18th.

The holding of elections in Elwaq means that all parliamentary elections will be completed on April 27th, as these seats are the only ones remaining, with HirShabelle expected to complete its elections before then.

The Federal Electoral Comittee (FEC) on Thursday said it had made the decision after seeing the need for the 16 seats in Garbaharey not to be left out of the country’s electoral process, as new lawmakers were sworn in today.

The committee also said that security challenges are looming in Garbaharey, and that the Garbaharey administration has refused to allow members of the Federal Electoral Implementation Committee to visit to monitor the security situation in Garbaharey.


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