‘Justice is going to triumph’: Community feels sense of relief after arrest of taxi driver’s alleged killer

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One member of San Antonio’s Islamic community is speaking out following the news of police arresting a man accused of murdering taxi cab driver in 2019.

Windcrest police announced on Friday the arrest of Baldemar Hinojoza, on a charge of Capital Murder in the shooting death of Aadam Ugass Xirsi, 50, on Jan. 17, 2019.

“First it brought back the sadness that we felt. The sadness that we felt when we first heard about his death. It brought that back all to us,” said Michael Martin, community outreach representative with the Islamic Center of San Antonio. “The other feeling that we had I think was somewhat a sense of closure, knowing that even after all this time, justice is going to triumph.”

Arrest records indicate an extensive investigation that led to the arrest of accused-killer Hinojoza.

Xirsi was a Somali immigrant who worked as a Yellow Cab driver to support his wife and children.

According to authorities, Hinojoza fired the fatal shots, leaving Xirsi dead in his cab within the parking lot of a Windcrest thrift shop before dawn.

Martin remembers Xirsi as a dedicated family man with strong faith.

“We had a wave of Somalis come to San Antonio. He was a good brother. We saw him regularly coming for prayers. I think he was a very calm brother and very nice, very family oriented, and a hard worker, a very hard-working person,” Martin said.

It’s tough faith and memories that San Antonio’s Islamic community is keeping optimistic in letting the justice system do its part.

“Our community is very thankful to the San Antonio Police Department and all the law enforcement agencies that continued to press on with this particular case.”

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