August 13, 2022

Karaan – Mogadishu residents: ‘We are locked up in our homes due to fear’

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In recent months, there has been widespread insecurity in Karaan district, north of Mogadishu, with residents being fed up with armed militias in government uniforms robbing their belongings and property. 

During the day, taxi vehicles and motorcycles do not take calls to travel to Karaan district, citing insecurity in the district.

The security situation in Karaan district is deteriorating so badly, with the worst affected areas being Nageyle, Djibouti, Buur Diikow, Halimo Heyti and Argentine neighborhoods.

Residents who sit on the doorsteps of their homes complaint of armed robbers taking away their mobile gadgets, with vehicles regularly stopped and searched, while some see their cars or motorcyles taken by force.

“We are scared and locked up inside our homes. Armed men in motorcyles roam around the nighborhood taking anything they see. One time, our nighbours had a wedding when all of a sudden, armed men stormed and took the belongings of all the guests. The grooms father tried to resist but was stabbed and died on the spot. They will kill you if you refuse their requests” Ali Jimcale, a resident of Argentine nighbourhood of Karaan said.

Mohamed Hassan, another victim said “they held me at gunpoint while dropping off my daughter and took my iphone. They have no remorse and seem free to do whatever they want. We have no security in Karaan whatsoever, we get robbed day and night.”

Various killings have also taken place in recent weeks in Karaan district, with residents reporting at times of being lined up to hand over thier belongings to the robbers.

In another terrifying case, armed robbers had lined up 12 school children outside a school in Karaan in which one 13 year old victim was shot in the leg after resisting to hand over his mobile phone.

No one has claimed responsibility for the increased insecurity in Karaan district, and clashes has also took place between the gangs of gunmen and armed bandits, who roam the streets of Karaan district every day and night looking for a victim.

Last week, a innocent victim was rescued by security guards of Muhudin Warbac Shadoor, a senior federal government official, when bandits were trying to rob his tuktuk motorcyle in front of the government official.

The bandits were eventually chased and caught by the security team of Mr Shadoor.

Kaaran residents have pleaded with the mayor of Mogadishu to combat the high rise of armed robbery in the area and have recieved nothing short of fake promises by securit officials in the mayor’s office.

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