Kenya will ‘reject’ ICJ ruling in maritime case

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The Kenyan government will publicly rejected whatever the outcome of the decision by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) regarding a Maritime Case between Somalia and Kenya.

Kenya’s Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Macharia Kamau has announced that the Kenyan government will not recognize the court’s ruling and will not abide by its ruling, ahead of the court’s ruling next Tuesday.

Kamau argued that the court did not have no power to decide border disputes sea, and complain that the court to being biased and therefore not inappropriate to resolve disputes.

The Permanent Secretary reiterated that the Kenyan government believe that disputes can be resolved through dialogue peace. He added that the lawsuit was an attempt by Somalia to violate the country’s territorial integrity, an attempt that began in 1969.

He was accompanied by Deputy Commander of the Kenya Defense Forces Ogola, Attorney General Kennedy Ogeto and Secretary General Ibrahim Mohamed.

It is not clear what actions the Kenyan Government says it will take or how the Somali government will respond.

The ruling is expected to end the case Somalia’s seven-year submission to the ICJ in 2014.

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