August 13, 2022

Kenyan forces carry out another massacre in Somalia

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A report by the Somali Human Rights Defenders Agency discusses killings by Kenyan forces in parts of the country, particularly in the village of Raas Kambooni.

The agency said troops targeted nomadic civilians and resorted to brutal killings of civilians.

The report described the incident as genocide, adding that three people were rounded up in one place and then brutally killed.

“The Coalition of Somali Human Rights Defenders (CSHRDS) condemns this barbaric and brutal massacre of non-combatants by Kenyan forces,” the statement said.

CSHRDS also called for an international inquiry into the incident, to hold the perpetrators accountable.

“We call for an international inquiry into this heinous crime and for accountability,” the report added.

Finally, the organization called on AMISOM to take immediate action against the Kenyan forces who have been blamed for the recent violence in Gedo region.

“We call on AMISOM to take immediate action to protect civilians from the ongoing deadly attacks by the KDF, ”the statement said.

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