Kenyan police find bodies in Tana River while Somalis go missing

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Families of missing persons are flocking to the morgue in Garissa County, North Eastern Kenya, searching for and hoping that the 11 bodies recovered by Kenyan police from the Tana River is not of their missing relatives.

The centre said the bodies would be subjected to DNA tests this afternoon, pending the arrival of a police doctor from Nairobi.

Police said it was difficult to identify the bodies as some had rotted, and their appearance had changed.

Prof. Abduwahab Sheikh Abdisamad, a Somali scholar, was abducted in Nairobi, Kenya last weekend.

Abdiwahab went missing on Wednesday, August 8, according to his family, who searched all police bases, but received no information about his condition.

It is being reported that unidentified men abducted Abdiwahab on Turbman Road in Nairobi, and the abductors were said to be carrying weapons and a vehicle.

Abdiwahab, a 55-year-old commentator on the Horn of Africa, has appeared in Kenyan media and the BBC Somali Service covering Somalia and Ethiopia.

No group has claimed responsibility for the kidnap of Abdiwahab Sheikh Abdisamad.

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