Kenyan warplanes bomb Gedo region

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Reports from Gedo region say that at least two civilians were killed in an airstrike last night in Ceel-Cade area of ​​Gedo region.

The bombing, believed to have been carried out by a Kenyan warplane, hit a pastoralist family, killing a mother and injuring her five children.

Areas hit by Kenyan forces include Ceelcade, Likooley, Laheley, Warburay, Burcaleen, Dhamase, Wargaduudo, Qulqul Shubaal, Balanbaal, Mudale, Abroone, Buusaar, Qows qurun & Darusalam and others.

The bombing comes at a time when relations between Somalia and Kenya are strained.

Kenyan troops, part of the African Union Mission in Somalia, have been carrying out indiscriminate shelling in the Juba and Gedo regions as they have killed several pastoralists in the past.


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