King Burmadow of Somaliland backtracks in his words after Banadir Regional Authority threaten arrest

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King Osman Abu Mohamud (Burmadow), an intellectual from the northern regions of Somaliland, has for the first time expressed his condolences over the death of Ahmed Godane, a former al-Shabaab leader.

He said at the time, traditional elders like him were afraid to talk about the former Al Shabab leader Godane’s death, but he offered his condolences, as he was a close relative of the deceased, according to his statement.

“It happened when Ahmed Abdi Godane, the leader of Al-Shabaab, died. Everyone ran away to talk about it. I offered my condolences,” said King Burmadow, speaking at a ceremony.

“I said he was not of the same faith and we did not belong to the same place, but he was a member of the clan who died in the family. He (Godane) as well as his family, I offered my condolences” he continued.

He also said that in addition to the federal government, there is another government in Somalia called Al-Shabaab, which was headed by Godane.

“I say there are two governments in place, the government of Al-Shabaab where the Dir clan is in charge, and there is no other competition. I want Dir (clan) to get closer.”

The plan to arrest Burmadow is being spearheaded by Benadir Regional Deputy Security Commissioner Ali Yare Ali, who has filed a lawsuit against Burmadow and demanded his arrest.

“We support the demonstrations that the people of Benadir region are organizing to protest against the violation of Burmadow and his sympathy towards the enemy Al-Shabaab and recognizing it as a” government “run by his family,” said Ali Yare Ali.

“Barmadow’s sarcastic remarks will not be as easy as it sounds and we wont leave it at a satisfactory level.”

Boqor Burmadow’s statement came as a shock to many and is a violation of the rule of law, as an unscrupulous terrorist group is given the right to “rule”.

The shocking statement went viral, with angry reactions from many Somalis on social media by the comments made by Burmadow, with some calling for an investigation on the king.

Meanwhile, King Osman Aw-Mahamud Mohamed (Buurmadow) had backtracked on his words and has apologized for his remarks, which he described as being politicized.

“I was there talking about a community lunch. We were joking. We were talking. It was a community joke and had no other purpose,” said Buur Madow, who said his visit was aimed at strengthening peace and reconciliation.

BuurMadow added that he had already made it clear that anyone who shed blood cannot be supported.

“I have already made it clear that anyone who sheds blood in the name of culture, politics or religion, I will never support,” said Burmadow.

He said he had no ties to Al Shabaab. “Al-Shabaab has nothing in common with us and the public knows that, and I also know that,” he said.


King Burmadow of Somaliland praises Former Al Shabab leader Godane, calls al-Shabaab ‘government’

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