Kismayo: IED bomb kills Somali cleric

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A Explosion that was heard in most neighborhoods of Kismayo in the Lower Juba region took place at the Somali Star Intersection in the town’s Calanley neighborhood this afternoon.

Sheikh Abdinasir Haji Ahmed, one of Somalia’s most prominent clerics, was reportedly killed in the blast.

Sheikh Abdinasir was killed in the blast, as he was leaving Las Anod for a religious meeting in Kismayo, the capital of Jubbaland state.

Troops from the Jubbaland administration arrived at the scene of the blast, closed the roads around the intersection, and launched a preliminary investigation.

Security forces in Kismayo have not yet commented on the blast, which took place in Kismayo today.

Meanwhile, the President of the Jubaland State of Somalia, Ahmed Mohamed Islam (Ahmed Madobe) has condemned the bomb blast in Kismayo, the capital of Lower Jubba region in southern Somalia.

Ahmed Madobe offered his condolences on the death of Sheikh Abdinasi, who he described as a great benefactor of the Somali people who spread the word of goodness in the Somali land.

“I offer my condolences on the death of our brother Sheikh Abdinasir Haji Ahmed who was killed by an improvised explosive device attached to his car. “May God have mercy on him. He was a preacher who was greatly benefited by the Somali people and spread the message of goodness throughout the Somali lands by coming to Kismayo to spread goodness and public awareness,” said President Ahmed Madobe.

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