Landmines destroy Bulo Burte building Airport (Photos)

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Reports from Bulo Burte district in Hiraan region say that landmines have destroyed most parts of the newly constructed buildings inside Bulo Burte airport.

According to reports, the buildings, which were recently built at the airport for travelers and visitors to check in and out, was blocked by landmines and had its interior building destroyed.

Local sources say that one person was killed and three others were injured in the attack.

Residents said they heard explosions and sporadic gunfire in the middle of the night and by dawn, had awoken to the airport terminal completely destroyed. 

The federal government forces and AMISOM are conducting a mine clearing operation inside and around the airport’s perimeter, and it is said that the work of the airport has been suspended, as a clean-up operation will be underway at the airport.

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