Latest from the Electoral conference; arrangements for the signing of agreement underway

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Preparations are underway in Mogadishu for the signing ceremony of an election agreement between the Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble and regional administration leaders.

The agreement has yet to be officially made public with all details secret until the outcome of statement.

The ceremony is expected to take place on Thursday in a tent at the Aficio Center, and is expected to be attended by signatories to the agreement, the outgoing president, candidates, the international community and civil society.

The toughest clause of the Somaliland Electoral Commission has been reached, and Chairman of the Upper House Abdi Hashi has reportedly been pushed to compromise, naming half of the members of the Somaliland Electoral Commission.

The issue of Gedo region was also resolved in general by the recommendations of the technical committee that met in Baidoa, which contained the following:

1. That the members of the regional administrations send a reconciliation delegation to Garbaharey town in Gedo region.
2- Jubbaland State President Ahmed Madobe to appoint a new administration.
3- That the Somali Police and AMISOM ensure the security of the elections.

Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble and the other signatories of the agreement agreed to hold the election within three months, and any disagreements and disputes arising out of the implementation of the agreement will be decided by the seven signatories, noting that the position of the president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo was replaced by the Prime Minister, Mohamed Hussein Roble.

The event is expected to feature speeches by regional presidents, opposition candidates, members of the international community and civil society, and will be closed by outgoing President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo.

The Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia and the Heads of State and Government of the Federal Republic of Somalia will on Wednesday continue their meetings and consultations with the candidates, various sections of the society and individuals they consider to have a role in the elections.

Somali Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohamed Abdirizak told the UN Security Council that a joint agreement had been reached between Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble, heads of state and the Benadir region to allow the country to hold parliamentary and presidential elections.

An agreement by the parties could pave the way for credible elections in Somalia, following the end of President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo’s term on February 8th.

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