Latest news from Day 4 of the election conference

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In Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, the 4th day of an election conference between the federal government and regional governments is underway, which was opened  last Saturday.

The fourth day of the conference continues between the caretaker prime minister, the mayor of Mogadishu and leaders of the five regional states of Galmudug, Jubbaland, Southwest, HirShabelle and Puntland.

Most of the conference will focus on the crisis in the country, especially the election dispute between the central government and the country’s administrations.

As the MTV Somali Channel has learned, the contentious issues that have been the subject of further debate and discussion are the issue of the northern regions between the Speaker of the Upper House as well as tensions in the Gedo region between the central government and the Jubbaland administration.

These two issues took a lot of time and discussion, and there were also separate meetings between the parties, to bring them closer together.

The timetable for the closing of the conference has changed, and talks are under way to reach a final agreement.

The current election conference in Mogadishu comes at a crucial time and is the last opportunity, given the time available to hold the country’s parliamentary and presidential elections.





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