Latest update from HirShabelle on the election of the Upper House

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In Jowhar, the capital of HirShabelle, the final preparations are still underway for the election of the upper house, concerning the members of the eight seats from the administration, to be elected in Jowhar.

The registration of candidates will conclude this afternoon, according to the HirShabelle State Electoral Commission.

Also on Sunday, September 12th, the registered candidates will deliver speeches, followed by the election, to select senators from Jowhar.

Security has also been tightened, and police forces are conducting security operations throughout the district of Jowhar.

HirShabelle’s election to the Upper House is a hotly contested affair, unlike previous regional elections, after President Ali Abdullahi Gudlawe made the race an open one.

The seats are to be contested by at least three candidates and a maximum of six candidates, which is why competition has risen in HirShabelle’s Upper House election.

Meanwhile, the candidates, who are currently in Jowhar, are conducting their last campaigns, and some of them being influential politicians in Somalia.

HirShabelle will be the last regional administration to participate in the upper house elections, which has already begun in other administrations.

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