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Somaliland’s parliamentary and local council elections ended yesterday, and the counting of votes began last night, according to sources who have spoken to MTV Somali Channel.

The Somaliland Electoral Commission is set to complete the counting of ballots in some regions in the coming hours, and plans to announce the much-awaited election results in advance.

According to members of the Somaliland Electoral Commission, the official results of the local and regional elections could take more than seven days, but the commission will announce what they had counted in advance with the projected winners.

The election was a new one in Somaliland, as the public voted for local councilors and representatives at the same time, and it is noteworthy that these elections have been delayed several times.

There are no official predictions as to which party is expected to win the majority of the seats, but there are reports that the Kulmiye’s party and the opposition Waddani Party will get close votes in the election results.

About 55% of registered voters were under the age of 25, with 53% of the electorate being male and 47% female. voted yesterday.

More than one million people took part in the election with the voting’s lasting just one day, which was of particular interest to the representatives of the international community, who were overseeing the municipality elections in Somaliland.

Earlier in the week, President Musa Bihi had encouraged Somalilanders to “Vote peacefully; these are two important electoral processes, all eyes are on us, please execute your rights in good manner,” Bihi said while addressing journalists at Labour House alongside Irro.

On his part, the Waddani leader was enthusiastic about the exercise.

“I am pleased today that I voted for the two separate candidates I have chosen from the candidates vying for house of representatives and councilor,” Irro said.

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