List of the Gedo Reconciliation Commission appointed by PM Roble released

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Somalia’s Incumbent Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble, based on the May 27, 2021 agreement, today appointed the Gedo Regional Reconciliation Commission, which does not include any members from Jubbaland State.

Prime Minister Roble called on the committee to act immediately and start reconciliation initiatives in the Gedo region, in consultation with all parties involved in the reconciliation.

Also, Prime Minister Roble said that the work of the commission will be in line with the third article of the agreement signed in Mogadishu on 27 May by the Prime Minister, the heads of regional administrations and the Benadir region.

The committee appointed by Roble consists of 4 members from Hirshabelle, South West, Puntland and Galmudug and are the following:

  • HirShabelle Minister of Interior, Mohamed Ali Aadle
  • Puntland Minister of Interior and Federalism, Mohamed Abdirahman Dhabancad.
  • Minister of Planning of the South West Administration, Ahmed Madobe Nunow
  • Galmudug Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Adan Osman Hussein

Article 3 of the May 27 agreement, which mandates this commission to function, reads as follows:

The National Consultative Assembly calls on the people of Gedo Region to work for peace, unity and social and administrative unity in Jubbaland.

The National Consultative Assembly has decided that the Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia will take the lead in security and reconciliation in Gedo Region in order to ensure the smooth running of the Gedo Region elections.

The National Consultative Assembly decided to establish a reconciliation committee comprising of Federal Member States other than Jubbaland in accordance with the recommendations of the Baidoa Technical Committee.

The Committee is responsible for creating a secure and political environment for the holding of a free and fair election in Garbaharey in collaboration with the FGS Prime Minister.

The committee proposes two members for the post of Garbaharey District Commissioner and Deputy District Commissioner in consultation with various sections of the community.

The committee will be appointed within 3 days of the Leaders signing this agreement.

The President of the Jubbaland State of Somalia shall appoint the members of the Garbaharey District Administration submitted by the Reconciliation Commission in accordance with the recommendations of the Technical Committee on 16 February 2021 in Baidoa.

The National Consultative Assembly instructs the Reconciliation Commission to finalize the plan for the stabilization of Gedo Region as a whole and for the conduct of the Garbaharey elections within 30 days of the appointment of the Commission.

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