Man arrested for killing Somali imam in US

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A man has been arrested in Columbus, Ohio, USA, on suspicion of murdering Imam Sheikh Dr. Mohamed Hassan Adam Somali.

According to documents submitted to the trial court, John W. Wooden Jr. is accused of killing Imam Mohamed Hassan Adam on Christmas Eve.

According to court documents, a search warrant was issued at Wooden Jr.l’s home, after police found in his home a weapon believed to be the one used in the shooting.

The man has also been charged in federal court with possession of a firearm. The court said he was convicted under the Hobbs Act 2010 and sentenced to 204 months in prison.

He was released from prison in March 2021.

US police say they are investigating the alleged killing of Imam Sheikh Mohammed and will share the findings with the media.

Imam Dr. Mohamed Hassan Adam, who went missing on December 23, 2021, when he left the mosque where he was the imam and sheikh, was found dead in a car by Somali men who were part of the search for the sheikh.


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