October 6, 2022

Minneapolis: Man who killed Somali national faces trial in US

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A man named Marlow Ramsey Carson has shot and killed a Somali national in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The man is said to have confessed in court to murdering Liban, and has been remanded in custody pending sentencing.

Police say Marlow Ramsey Carson has been charged with the murder of a Somali national in a business where he worked, according to acting U.S. Attorney Charles J. Kovats.

According to court documents, April 27, 2021, Marlow Ramsey Carson, 30, robbed Blue Sky Wireless and West Bend Furniture stores in Minneapolis.

During the robbery, the suspect held a handgun on the staff and demanded money from the clerk of the store.

Carson shot the shopkeeper in the chest before leaving the warehouse and entering the passenger compartment of his car, which he quickly fled.

“The clerk was taken by ambulance to the emergency room where he was pronounced dead,” a police statement said.

The shooting victim — Abdifatah H. Mohamed, 40, who was also known by the name Liban Osman Baqare — was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead.

A long-haul truck driver, he had just come back from a trip and stopped at the store about 40 minutes before the shooting occurred. He left a wife and four children.

The trial of the man accused of killing the Somali national is expected in the coming days, with Assistant US Attorney Harry M. Jacobs and Samantha H. Bates taking part in the prosecution.

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