Maryan Mohamed Hirsi dies after being shot by government forces

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A University internship student named Maryan Mohamed Hirsi died this morning at Digfer Hospital in Mogadishu after she was wounded in a shootout between government forces at the Florence intersection.

Maryan was a student at Banadir University, and was in her final year at the University, with the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery.

The deceased was traveling from Aden Abdulle Hospital to Internship at the time of the shooting, according to a statement from the university’s administration.

The statement from Benadir University also sent condolences to the family of the deceased, and prayed for God’s blessings on her.

Government forces have killed at least five people in Mogadishu this month, including two siblings who were killed as they were travelling to see a relative who was giving birth at a hospital. 


Gov forces kill two siblings in Mogadishu

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