Military court sentences robbers of high profile case in Mogadishu

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A Somali military court has sentenced two soldiers to prison for robbing a Kaah Electronic Store in Hodan district of Benadir region.

Farah Abdullahi Alasow (Farahey) and Mohamed Abshir Mohamed (Camey) first appeared on the Kawa Electronic Stores CCTV Camera in Taleh, on June 29th this year, robbing the store.

The two suspects stole smart phone gadgets and other electronic items worth $12,945 from the store.

Security forces later managed to apprehend two police officers, with Farah Abdullahi Alasow (Farahey) identified on camera, and handed him over to the CID on July 2.

After a lengthy investigation, security forces handed him over to the Office of the Prosecutor of the Armed Forces in early August this year and at the time asked the judge to transfer him to the central jail as a warrant.

The Office of the Prosecutor of the Armed Forces has been working to conduct further investigations into the allegations against the officers, and in early October requested that the trial of Farah Abdullahi Alasow “Farahey” and Mohamed Abshir Mohamed “Camey”, who is now a fugitive and on the run, be scheduled.

The court accepted the hearing on October the 12th.

Mohamed Abdullahi Khalif, a prosecutor for the Somali Armed Forces Tribunal, accused the two robbers of looting the city and that the CCTV camera was the key evidence police have of the defendants in front of the Court.

He asked the court to sentence him to a sentence commensurate with the charges against him.

The defendant’s lawyer told the court that they were ready to negotiate compensation with Carwa Kaah Electronics Store for their part, with that,the court agreed to commute the sentence.

Officer ​​Mohamed Abshir Mohamed “Camey” was arrested by the court on September 26 this year.

Farah Abdullahi Alasow “Farahey” and Mohamed Abshir Mohamed “Camey” were sentenced to 10 years in prison each and to pay the fines imposed on them.

The Defendants have the opportunity to appeal within 30 days.


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