Military court sentences soldier to death

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The Somali Armed Forces court today sentenced NISA soldier Mohamed Ali Hussein, who killed Ahmed Sharmake Abdullahi and Zakariye Ahmed Garane in Beled-hawo district in early November this year.

The soldier’s trial has gone through various stages, and when he killed the two youths, they were playing football at a stadium in Belet Xaawo district in Gedo region.

Mohamed Amin Abdulle Aden, chairman of the Armed Forces Court of Appeal, Section 27, announced the court’s verdict, saying that gunman Mohamed Ali Hussein had been convicted of the murder, and that he will be sentenced to death by firing squad.

The killing of the two young men in Beledhawo sparked outrage, as it took place at a stadium where many people were present.

Aden Omar Barkhadle, a local intellectual who was a friend of the slain youths, said they were a rising youth, vibrant, and their presence visible to the community.

“The two boys were among the young athletes in Beled-hawo district and were very active and very popular,” he told local media.

However, today’s hasty sentencing by the military court has been welcomed by the relatives of the deceased & most of the residents of Beledhawo.


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