Military exercises conducted off the coast of Somalia by foreign warships

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Japan and Britain have conducted military exercises off the Somali coasts to demonstrate their ability to counter the threat of attacks.

The exercises took place on Sunday and Monday, and the Japanese Coast Guard, in collaboration with the British, presented a number of scenarios  to prevent hijackings and pursue them if the ship was hijacked, according to the defense minister. 

The military ships, accompanied by helicopters and bombers such as the Setogiri, the P-3C and the British Queen Elizabeth warship, and are equipped with sophisticated anti-aircraft missiles defences.

“We will continue to work together to reduce the power of pirate groups. The main objective is to achieve maritime security around the world,” said Japan’s defense minister in a statement.

Some resident in Mogadishu who spoke to had reported seeing flashes of lights off the coast last night with many raising their concerns to what it was.

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