October 6, 2022

World Military Power: Somalia surpasses European country

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The Global Firepower website, which publishes an annual list of military powers in the world, has updated its data for this year with some changes.

As usual, at the top of the list, the three most powerful countries in military are the United States, Russia and China, respectively.

However, if you look at the bottom, you will see an unprecedented change in the list.

At the time of writing this time last year, Somalia was among the bottom three in the world military list, behind only Kosovo and Bhutan.

But recent updates show that Somalia is now ahead of those listed countries above.

One country that Somalia is now ahead of is Iceland in Europe.

Iceland is a member of the US-led NATO alliance.

According to GlobalFirePower, Iceland has 81,474 potential military personnel.

48,070 of these people could be ready at any time to enlist in the armed forces.

Every year, 1,779 people reach the military age.

However, Iceland does not have a well-established military.

But the country has an air defense system, a coast guard, a police force and an administration force.

The Icelandic military has not been established since 1869 but is a member of the world’s most powerful NATO alliance.

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