Minister of Women: Troops ‘attack my mothers home’

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Somali Government Minister for Women and Human Rights Hanifa Mohamed Ibrahim Habsade has accused South West security forces of raiding her mother’s home in Baidoa.

In a statement, Minister Hanifa said President Abdiaziz Hassan Mohamed “Laftagaren” had ordered troops to arrest her mother, who she said was at home when it was raided when security forces threatened to kill members of her family.

Hanifa said the political differences between her and President Laftagaren had led to her family being attacked, and she blamed President Laftagaren for any harm caused to her family.

“I am saddened by the political differences between President Laftagaren and me. President Abdiaziz will take direct responsibility for whatever happens” said Minister Hanifa.

The announcement comes as President Abdiazziz Hassan Mohamed “Laftagaren” recently appointed a South West State’s minister’s son as a senator in the Upper House in a bid to oust Minister Hanifa from her seat in the lower house parliament.

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