Minneapolis: Video circulating online on group of Somali girls invading & attacking house occupants

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A video circulating around on a social media has caused alarm in the Somali community after a group of girls, filming themselves, had invaded a house, attacking and tazering the occupants of the house.

In the incident, which had happened in Minneapolis, had went viral after it was posted by one of the assailants.

“This is very shocking and very sad” said Mohamed Hassan, a social community worker in Minnesota. 

“These teens have been misguided and their actions, which they all probably now understand how dangerous it was, has traumatized the family and community” Mohamed Hassan added.

This incident happened after it was alleged the girl who was attacked had pressed charges on a guy she says had allegedly sexually assualted her. The young man’s friends are then reportedly went over to the girls house to “show her a lesson” in which it resulted to another woman tased by the young mob.

“These kids are all related and I think it is important that they are not criminalised but bridge the gap between them” Mohamed said.

The shocking incident has sent shockwaves throughout social media, with many Somalis calling out for parents to be aware of their children.

Although shocked and bruised, the women who was tased is reportely to have recovered and at home.

Are you part of the family who was attacked? Do you want your say in the matter? 

Are you part of the group who had attacked the house?

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