Missing Somali businessman found dead in South Africa

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Abdullahi Botan Sarurow, a Somali businessman living in South Africa, was found dead, four days after being reported missing.

Local reports state that his body has been found by North West State Police.

According to reports, the body of the businessman was first seen by an passerby, who informed the South African security services who then eventually went to the scene and retrieved the missing Somali national’s body.

It is also reported that the brutal killing of the deceased was carried out with gunfire, and it is not clear why he was killed and who was behind it.

Some relatives of the deceased also described the manner in which the body was found, declaring that an unjust hand had killed their son.

“Our brother’s body was reported by a man who saw him in a pickup truck. Police tracked him down and found him with gunshot wounds. May God have mercy on him” Abdalla, the nephew of the deceased said.

Abdullahi Botan Saruurow was a young business man one who transported goods and delivery and was a well-known figure amongst his community in the North West region.

South Africa is one of the countries  in Africa with highest xenophobic attacks on Somalis and other nationals regularly targeted, often killed, injured as well as looted.

However, in recent times there has been an increase in attacks on Somali businesses in the country, which has been plagued by gangs in South Africa.

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