August 13, 2022

Mogadishu: Army Officer Kills Mother raising orphans after argument

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Faduma Ali Osman (Fay Beeso), a mother raising nine orphans, was shot dead by a government soldier in the Hosh neighborhood of Dharkenley district in Benadir region, according to her relatives.

The assailant pointed a gun at the mother’s children, and after an argument Faduma told him she was going to complain on his commander but before she could, he had opened fire.

“She kept screaming ‘Why are you holding a gun at me? Why don’t you leave me alone or I’ll complain to your boss’, then he opened fire and ran away, ”said a mother who was a neighbor of the victim.

The relatives of the late Faduma Ali Osman who spoke to the media demanded that the federal government arrest the soldier who escaped and bring him to justice.

“She had nine children in the house and she worked for them and took responsibility for them. We call on the government to bring the perpetrator to justice and arrest her,” said a relative of the late Faduma Ali.

Residents of Dharkinley district were shocked by the incident and demanded that the Somali government immediately bring to justice the killer of a mother who was struggling to raise the lives of her nine children, mostly orphans.

This incident and those involving the killings by Somali government soldiers have increased in recent days in Mogadishu, with the military court saying it’ll charge any soldier involved in killing of civilians.


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