Mogadishu: ATMIS imposes sanctions on Halane

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ATMIS has announced the closure of Halane camp from April 10th to 16th, in a move seen as disrupting the swearing-in of new lawmakers.

The new lawmakers are scheduled to be sworn in at Halane Tent in Halane on April 14, but the sudden decision by ATMIS casts serious doubt on whether the swearing-in will take place.

The statement from ATMIS to international embassies in Somalia said, “ATMIS will conduct a security operation at the base from April 10 to 16, to allow for a unified security check, and the camp will be closed for the duration of the period. ”

The statement added that the ban would stop all construction work at the center, close Somali and international shops, car washes and restaurants.

ATMIS said the camp will also be under curfew from 8:00 pm to 5:00 am, and internal security patrols will be conducted throughout the period.

ATMIS added that the necessary staff will be screened and allowed to enter the facility.

Operations at Aden Adde International Airport will continue as usual.

ATMIS said the ban would be lifted and normal operations in Halane would resume on April 17.

Although ATMIS has not commented, the ban is likely to affect the countries’ plans to have lawmakers sworn in on April 14th, as a full ban has been imposed on Halane, where the swearing-in ceremony is scheudled take place.

ATMIS’s move comes amid tensions with the federal government following the expulsion of the head of ATMIS and the African Union’s special envoy to Somalia Francisco Madeira, a decision the organization opposed.

However, the government later issued a memorandum revoking Madeira’s visa, and also closed the Movcon terminal at Aden Adde International Airport.

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