Mogadishu: Car crashes into Restaurant kills one, injures five

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One person has been confirmed dead and five others injured after a car crashed into a restaurant near the Shaqaalaha in Mogadishu.

The car crashed into a restaurant near the intersection, where various people were having dinner.

At least one person was killed and at least five others were injured in the crash.

A large number of people rushed to the scene to help the victims of the accident, which resulted in deaths and injuries.

The injured were rushed to a nearby hospital, where they were treated.

The victim killed has been named as Mohamud Abdulkadir Gelle.

Security forces also arrested the driver of the vehicle, a bullet proof car, which was referred to the CID headquarters, on suspicion of causing death on his vehicle.

The driver of the vehicle was reportedly unable to control the speeding car, and the driver lost control of his vehicle, and crashed into the restaurant where a large crowd of people where having dinner.

Mogadishu is seeing a rise of frequent car accidents, which are said to be repeated by speeding and irresponsible driving.

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