Mogadishu: Police Arrest Nine in Ex-Control morning clash

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Somalia’s police released a statement on the fighting that took place at the Ex Control Afgoye intersection in Mogadishu this morning.

Somali deputy police spokesman Abdifatah Ali Hassan told the media that they had arrested a ”gang of thugs” who he said had shot at each other after failing to agree on a illegal checkpoint tax on public vehicles they had collected.

“At around 7:50 this morning, violence broke out at the Ex-control Afgoye intersection, near Daynile, between local militias who were on their way to loot the property of the Somali people who trade there. “When they began their illegal tax collection, an argument erupted between them and they started firing at each other, killing four innocent civilians and wounding three others.” said the deputy police spokesman.

The spokesman said police were unable to apprehend the men at the time, but in the afternoon they managed to raid the hideout of the Ex Control shooters, capturing most of the group, with others still being pursued.

“After a manhunt, the Benadir regional police raided a hideout of the armed robbers who this morning killed innocent commuters. They arrested some of the men along with their weapons seized. They will face justice, ”he added.

Of the nine men arrested, three were injured in the shooting this morning, Somali Deputy Police spokesman Abdifatah Ali Hassan told reporters.

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