Mogadishu: Security forces seize drugs, traffickers in overnight raids

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The Special Forces of Haramcad and the Benadir Police have conducted a joint operation last night in the neighborhoods of Dharkenley district in Banadir region.

The operation, led by the Deputy Commander of the West District Stations, was carried out in the fourth sector of Dharkenley district following complaints from residents of the area about gangs of youth and drug abuse going on in the area.

West Division Police Commander Yassin Nur Kheyre Yassin Ganey said the operation was in response to a complaint from traditional elders who had been harassed by a group of gangs who had increased their misconduct in Dharkenley district.

He also said the operation had resulted in the seizure of various drugs and traffickers, calling on parents to keep their children away from abusers.

In recent months, neighborhoods in districts in the East and West of Benadir Region have been plagued by rise of gang crime and drug users, prompting government forces to increase operations in the capital.


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