Mogadishu soldiers sentenced to death for killing young siblings

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The military court of the Somali Armed Forces has today concluded the case of the murder of two siblings Zakariye and Sowdo.

On December 2, the two siblings were killed at night at the Debka, and two Somali National Army soldiers were charged in connection with the case.

The court sentenced the soldiers accused of the killings, Abdi Wael Maalim Aden (Kanidid) and Dayah Nur Abdi Adan.

The chairman of the court martial, Colonel Hassan Ali Nur Shuute, said Abdi Wael Maalim Aden (Kanidiid) was sentenced to death by firing squad, while Dayah Nur Abdi Adan was sentenced to one year in prison.

Zakariye and Sowdo’s relatives and the two soldiers were present at the courthouse, where an investigation into the incident took place.

The long-running case of the two siblings’ murder has finally been brought to justice, after the relatives of the deceased vowed never to allow their case to be dropped or else they would seek legal redress.

However, this is not the first time government forces have fired indiscriminately on civilians, and with only few having been arrested or prosecuted for their heinous acts.


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