December 6, 2021

More details emerge of an Explosion in Mogadishu this evening

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An landmine explosion had took place near the former milk factory in Mogadishu, close to the Gordaan military training school.

According to reliable sources, the blast had targeted a Somali police officer who was passing by.

An officer named Mohamed Dahir, who previously commanded the West Station and sections of the police force, and now the commander of the VIP Police Guard, was driving by when the explosion occured, according to local residents.

According to security sources, the officer who was the target of the blast escaped unhurt, injuring three of his bodyguards and killing a motorist who was close by on the scene of the explosion.

The road was closed with a large number of troops surrounded the area where the blast took place.

Security officials have not yet commented on the blast, and no one has yet claimed responsibility. 


UPDATED: Explosion in Mogadishu targets state media staff

Government officials speak on the assassination of prominent journalist Abdi Aziz Afrika

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